• Why Drinking Vodka is cool

    It blends with a lot of other drinks and can be mixed in several ways than ever. After vodka has been completely removed from craft cocktail bar menus, it is once again showing up in modern and classic concoctions around the whole country.

    A full question that you might have been asking yourself might be where vodka must have gone even with its high popularity. (According to the surveys of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, it makes up about one out of three of all sale of liquor in America) However, it was somehow absent from some of the best establishments.

    Julie Reiner who is a co-founder of some bars in the New York and who has some award in mixology says that the bartenders have felt the need to hate on vodka.

    What is the extent of this damage? Many years ago, it was a major headline that East Village modern faux-speakeasy decided to include its first vodka to one of its menus. Though this move might probably have ruffled some feathers and informed a small change in the perception of the drink.

    Due to this, there was a gradual change in attitudes as they become soften while vodka is now offered more readily once again. You can also appreciate the Moscow Mule for their role in turning the tide.

    The vodka that was introduced to the Americans has gained more popularity once again over the last few years (Even in consideration to the country’s top mixologists and cocktail aficionados). It does not cause any harm that a drink is a fresh mixture of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer, and it is also served in an attractive copper mug.

    In the recent years, in Reiner’s West 19th Street at Flatiron Lounge, vodka has had a special place on the menu where an interesting section of cocktails is. When the reason for this was asked, she admitted to the fact that it was what the people in that part of the city loved and are interested in.

    Furthermore, in recent times when a talented barman Brown, Derek Brown who is a co-founder of the “Columbia Room” served vodka as its first drink when it finally reopened. He stated that it has been a long time since they last had one on the menu and that he challenged himself to come up with a cocktail that is original.

    Derek’s cocktail recipe was that of typical Texas Vodka recipes, and it contains the following ingredients:

    • ¼ oz Grenadine
    • ½ oz Fresh Lemon
    • 4 oz Sparkling mineral water
    • ½ Pickled Cherry Blossom Syrup
    • Pickled cherry blossom   •    Collins
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  • Retro Style Vodka Creates a Buzz through Houston

    Houston is the home of BJ Hooker’s Vodka, a smooth and eight time distilled vodka that is made from soft winter wheat.  There aren’t many distilleries in this area that produce their liquor locally, and the Jones brothers take great pride in their vodka and their carefully handmade product.  These Houston locals strive to produce a product that will keep their loyal customers coming back, as well as reeling in new customers that are dying to try a vodka that is made entirely locally.  They grind the wheat and then boil it to get all the sugars out of it, and everything is done on site by hand which creates a high quality product fueled my passion, pride, and local honor.

    The Jones’ brothers knew that they needed a label and design that would stand out and be appealing and eye catching for their consumers, so they chose to go with a 1950’s retro style bar advertising gimmick.  Their labels show incredible character and they use this design on all of their packaging.

    Wade and Stuart Jones come from a family with a history that dates back to moonshining during the Prohibition.  There was a ban on alcohol but their great grandfather and his brother began moonshining and making liquor that they claimed was for medicinal purposes, but of course they felt obligated to share it with their friends and family.  They originated in Florida but ended up moving to Texas, and this is where we catch up with the brothers and their company, BJ Hooker’s Vodka, carrying on a time honored tradition and legacy.

    The brothers hope to carry this legacy into the future and keep it a family owned and operated business.  They are also looking to expand outside of Texas and maybe even move into bourbon next.  Their website includes several different recipes made with BJ Hooker’s Vodka, as well as informs their customers of the tours they offer and the events they hold at their location in Houston.  Although they haven’t been around for long, they are definitely here to stay.  The website includes a phone number, as well as an email address, if their customers have any questions or concerns about their process or their product.

    Not only do they strive to make the best vodka around, they also offer it at a fair and reasonable price.  They work closely with their distributors and retailers to ensure that they distribute their product at these fair prices and their sales and marketing teams do their best to get their name out and their product on the shelves for everyone to enjoy.

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  • BJ Hooker’s Vodka: Bottled Perfection

    BJ Hooker’s Vodka got its start back in 2012 due to an inventive and highly successful pair of brothers named Wade and Stuart Jones.  As natives of Houston, they wanted to turn their passion of handcrafted vodka into a reality, and share it with others that were in search of a premium and smooth handmade vodka. How did they learn to do this?  They turned to Google to learn all they could and then they got started!  They take great pride in perfecting their recipe and their distilling process. The final product definitely shows off this high quality and passion.

    BJ Hooker’s Premium Handmade Vodka is made out of hybrid pot stills straight out of Houston, Texas. They named their vodka after their father, BJ.  They added Hooker to the end as a subtle nod to nostalgia; they all liked to fish together.  Their vodka is made from soft winter wheat and is distilled eight times for a smoother taste.  While providing premium quality vodka in a retro corked bottle, they also offer a tour of their genuine distillery so that you can see the magic behind your favorite drink.  The cork adds an added retro feel to the overall design of the bottle’s label.  BJ Hooker’s also provides their customers with a one hour tour so that each customer can see the distillery and production line, including the bottling and corking process. The entire process from start to finish.  Don’t forget the free samples that are included!  I am willing to bet that you won’t be able to leave without buying a bottle or two for yourself.  Tours are held every Friday at 2 pm, as well as twice on Saturdays at noon and 2 pm.  BJ Hooker’s Vodka can be purchased on site, as well as at many other retail shops throughout the Houston area. Every bottle is completely handmade and bottled and produced on site locally.

    It is 40% alcohol by volume and has a smooth and mild taste.  It is a great choice for mixed drinks like dirty martinis, a Moscow mule, and a regular vodka martini.  It is a solid vodka that can withstand being served straight and chilled, without any mixing.

    If you are looking for a premium vodka and a one of a kind experience, then BJ Hooker’s is the one stop shop for fun, spirits, and an overall good time!

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  • 5 Facts You Did Not Know About Vodka

    1. Vodka is essentially water to the Eastern Europeans

    Essentially, “vodka” means water in Slavic, and like water, it is colorless ad odorless (we are not talking about flavored vodka here). It is also drunk like water especially in Russia and Poland. Vodka is an essential in all celebrations in the Eastern Europe, particularly at weddings. There will
    be free flow vodka throughout, and one cannot refuse a vodka offered by the host. That would be deemed rude. Once offered, you would have to down it like how you would down water on a very hot day. Good quality vodka usually tastes smooth and easy on the throat.

    2. You can make vodka from potatoes

    Vodka is made by fermenting starch and sugar and then distill them. Hence, you can practically make vodka out of any food source rich in carbohydrates: potatoes, grapes, apples. Today, most vodka is made from grains like rice, corn, or wheat.

    The Houston Vodka Company makes their vodka fermenting rice and wheat, and then subject it to repeated distillation to remove any impurities, and to increase the alcohol level. This results in a X- % alcohol content in their vodkas.

    3. All vodka contains the same 2 ingredients

    Unflavored vodkas only contain two ingredients which are alcohol and water. The fermented starch or sugar is subjected to repeated distilling to remove any impurities and to increase its alcohol content. Water is then added to dilute the alcohol content to make it safe and acceptable for market consumption. The ABV of vodka can go up to as high as 96% which are made from Polish distilleries.

    4. Vodka is good for health

    Vodka has been proven to be able to take away your stress when drank in moderation. It is more effective than red wine. In addition, it can also dilate your arteries to allow a smoother and unobstructed flow of blood to prevent occurrence of heart-related diseases like cardiac arrest and
    stroke. The key here is to drink in moderation. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), that means 3-4 glasses for men and 1-2 glasses for women a day.

    It can also be used to ease toothaches, and insect bites, and jellyfish stings. Simply douse the affected area with vodka and let its antiseptic properties take care of the wound for you.

    5. Vodka can make you pretty

    Vodka can be used in a lot of beauty hacks; it can cure bad breath, makes your skin smooth and tight, and eliminates wrinkles*. You can also use vodka to make hairspray too should you run out of your hairspray just before a party. To do that, simmer a mixture of water and two lemon slices for 20-30 minutes under low heat. When cooled, transfer the citrus water into a spray bottle with the lemon slices. Add a tablespoon of Texas Vodka, shake, and spray! We should all have a bottle of
    vodka stored at home!

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  • Houston Vodka Makes It’s Name

    Vodka has been made since long time ago but as time goes by it become of different taste, preference, quality and quantity. It is a spirit primarily made of a mixture of water and ethanol and the final product is supposed to be colorless and tastes lightly but people add some flavors and impunity to attract more customers. Each vodka producing country tends to claim that they are inventors but the best vodka ever is the one produced in Houston. Without a doubt vodka is the leading brand in Houston.

    Texas Vodka is 100% unique and original with all natural ingredients that make you like it. They produce all categories of vodka like handmade vodka, flavored vodka, barrel-aged vodka, grain neutral vodka, unflavored vodka and many others. Houston Vodka is totally smooth and has sweet aromas and is super clear. Other vodka are made using aromas of toasted nuts, grains, anise cookie, powdered sugar with a satiny, bison grass, pastry bread, sweet cream, pepper with satiny, mineral finish, cake, buttered mashed potatoes, lemon chiffon, and many others.

    Many people have come back complimenting Houston Vodka. It leaves you with no hangovers. Its bottle is budget and before being distributed to the customers it is taken to the technologically advanced machines and equipment in an industrial facility. You can know corned vodka which is not made in Houston because somebody get worse headache and a lot of hangover which is under contrary with Houston vodka. The vodka is distributed in other countries and has a lot of market. Of course the products are not always for person under 18 years old. Besides the original ones, Houston vodka comes with favorite fruits mixture. It suits all category of average drinkers and heavy drinkers and those who are not. It does not make you feel sick like some of the vodkas do.

    I will recommend Houston vodka because it does not have tendency to make you puke, you can get it on ice or refresh. You can mix it with red bull. You can love it more than any drink you’ve ever drunk. Their brands are totally unique and attractive. Its price is amazing and affordable. You can even get vodka online and supply it where you want.

    When you’re 18 above, you are eligible to drink this marvelous beverage. Try Houston vodka and feel the experience with your friends or family.

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  • The First Record of Vodka Dates Back To the 9th Century

    We have been drinking all kinds of cocktail containing vodka. We love the taste and somehow, this has been the part of our nights and weekends. Vodka first came to surface in this 20th Century and brought surprise for liquor lover. It has been a journey of this liquor from an unknown Russian drink to the most widely used cocktail drink..

    The real origin of vodka is not yet known. However, it uses a special type of grain derived from growing region around what we know today as Poland, Western Russia and Ukraine. The word ‘vodka’ itself is derived from the Russian word ‘voda‘, meaning water. Experts discovers that the first record of vodka was found around the 9th Century. However, the first known distillery is around 200 years after that, around the 11th Century, in Khlynovsk, Russia. Now we have vodka producing distillery all around the world, and one of the most famous product is the Texas vodka.

    If we see from the chemical perspective, straight vodka is made by ethanol blended with enough spring or pure water to result in 40% alcohol content or 80 US proof. The process starts with fermentation. Corn, rye, wheat, or any other grain, potatoes, sugar cane, molasses, grapes, fruits, or vegetables can be converted to an ethanol concentration of 12% to 18%, they differs each other based on sugar content (just like wine). Live active yeast like those used in bread is added to the product which role is to convert sugars to alcohol. When all of the sugar content has been converted by the yeast to alcohol, the fermentation will stop and the yeast will be killed by the high alcohol content. The fermentation process converts the natural sugars in these products to ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Up until this point, the product could result as a beer, wine, or a cider. The product if distilled will result is a neutral alcohol that what we call as vodka. The term hard liquor is commonly used in North America to differ distilled beverages from un-distilled ones (simply said weaker). The neutral spirit then will go through other processing, flavoring and aging techniques to make other spirits such as bourbon, scotch, gin, rum, brandy, and schnapps. If the product the added with more sugar and flavoring, the it will be called as liqueur.

    Most distilleries will go to the process of distilling their vodka multiple times to make pure spirit, as well as the one used in Texas Vodka. Distillation is process where the liquid is heated to 1200F (alcohol boiling point) in a closed tank which is heated externally. The top where the alcohol vapors, then enter a pipe cooled by the outside air or a water cooled chiller to condense the alcohol vapor to a liquid. All vodkas will be filtered as many as ten times to make sure they result in a very clear, tasteless liquid. You should know that all of the Texas vodkas are very clear with no visual impurities.

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  • Spirited Water: Vodka and Distillation

    Russian vodka can be traced all the way back to the 1440’s. The Russians invented a grain based beverage using vodka that they called bread wine. Bread wine was produced through a pot distillation process. This became Russia’s first true alcoholic vodka. However, Poland has a different claim to these traces. Poland has claimed it’s origination of vodka in 1405. Their claim predates Russia’s claim by forty years, thus creating a debate of origination. The distillation process however remains mainly the same. Distillation refers to increasing the potency of an alcoholic beverage by allowing the alcohol to evaporate and then re-condense.

    During ancient times, distilling was a more unrefined process. The freeze distillation method otherwise known as the Mongolian still relied strictly on the freezing points of alcohol and water. This method was before the era with thermometers and germ theory so it was common to produce poisonous beverages.

    The practice of distillation has originated in many places around the world with different techniques. While practiced in modernity it can be traced to Arabic’s in the tenth century. There resulting product ultimately became known as “spirited water” a medicine of that era. This spirited water distilled by Arabic scientist appears in the name Texas vodka which is derived from the Russian word voda, or we know it as water.

    It’s very interesting to learn about the origins of alcohol if you are or even if you aren’t a drinker. Maybe the next time you’re at the bar the bartender will ask you if you want well or top shelf. Or maybe if you want Russian, Swedish, Polish, or American Vodka you’ll have a story to tell them. You now know they all payed their debt to the distillation of vodka concoctions that are used on a daily basis around the world.

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